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Able to accommodate two seafarers simultaneously, the audiometry examination is conducted by nurses trained in this particular test. The room is soundproof, which ensures accurate and valid results. These areimmediately encoded into the online medical database system where they are interpreted by physicians who received training in audiology.
With technology that converts the result of this test to PDF and immediately archives it into the file of the crew member using the online medical database system, the ECG is available for crew members.
Facilitated by a nurse trained with the equipment and monitored by a physician, the treadmill stress test is available for crew members with indications for this particular diagnostic modality. Results are encoded digitally and interpreted by a specialist.
Physical Examination
Conducted by competent medical personnel, the physical examination begins with our nurses taking vital signs, after which the crew member is sent to the individual rooms for history taking and physical examination by our physicians. Medical information is recorded through an online database system that ensures accurate archiving and confidentiality.
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